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February 4th, 2012


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Roof Maintaince

There are ways that you can prolong your roofs life expectence. One simple example is making sure you have plenty of sunlight for your roof to dry out. A roof that never has a chance to fully dry out from a rain storm can deteriorate your roofs life in half. So make sure you have no tree’s hanging low over your roof. Cutting them back will not only help your roof dry out, it will prevent mold and algae growth. Algae and mold growth can destroy roofs. They need to be removed and stopped from going back.

tree branches that need to be cut back

What happens when you don’t remove tree or algea from your roof. The shingle lose their strenght and become brittle. They often become problems in wind driven storms. Roof shingles blow off easier and cause damage to roof sheathing and to the interior house. The algea and mold makes black spots on your roof sheathing. This can be seen from the attic and could cause health problems.

dangerous mold

Have your roof checked by a Rhode Island Roofing Contractor. He will check for roofing repairs and roof maintaince. Even if you had a newly installed roof over the last years it does not take long for algea and mold to cover your roof. It would be a good idea for you to hire a roofing contractor to remove the algea and mold. Their are many good products available to remove algea and mold, that won’t damage the roof shingles.

algae and mold removal services

Ice Dams tend to be a problem for homeowner’s in the winter months. More homeowner insurance claims have been recorded from ice dams in the new england area then anything else. An ice dam is when snow starts to melt off your roof from heating your house. Then water collects at the gutter where is begins to refreeze. This continues to back up until is reaches high enough on the roof to heated house. Then water backs up underneath the shingles and envades your home.

Ice dam

One way to prevent Ice dams from happening, is having a roof contractor clean your gutters. It would be best to this right after all the leaves have fallen off. A roof contractor would clean and inspect your gutters. He would be checking the gutters, downspouts, and pitch of your gutters. Making sure water is flowing out and not poddling up between your downspouts.

Snow Removal

Snow removal is another good way to prevent ice dams. After snow has been forecasted in the weather, you should contact a roof contractor for removal. Some roofs can be done with a roof rake. If you have a one story home it is possible to be done from the ground. In extreme cases some homes need a full removal of snow loads. I have seen cases where snow loads have collasped roofs. Winter came be one storm after another causing emergency snow removal.

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