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Roof Venting and Condensation Problems

January 27th, 2012

I want to write about how important ventilation is for your roof!

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        Most homeowners are very aware of what is causing a leak in there home. They noticed shingles are lifting, curling, missing, or a tree branch has put a hole in ther roof. This leads to a roof repair that is major or minor.  It could be a full roofing replacement, or a patch job. There are also cases where a homeowner put on a new roof and the contractor did not install a ridge vent and soffit vents.

This leads to attic condensation

Attic condensation, buckled shingles, mold and mildew occur when attics get wet in the winter from warm air rising through the ceiling and condensing on cooler surfaces. More than often the cooler surface is wood and when it gets wet, it expands. In the spring, the attic gets warm and the wood dries and contracts. This constant process loosens nails and causes shingles to buckle.          


There is a common misconception that moisture can be eliminated by adding more ventilation in the attic. This is simply not true. An imbalanced ventilation system can pull more moisture into the attic and make conditions worse. If you want to keep your attic dry, then you need to stop the source of the moisture in the first place … your home interior.

The goal is to stop warm moist air from getting into the attic and keeping the heat that you pay for inside your house where it belongs. While this may seem to be a simple enough task in theory, you might want to hire a reliable contractor with experience in the sealing & insulation of attics.

Mold and mildew leads to rotten wood and ultimate roof failure. More importantly however, it can cause serious health problems for pregnant women, infants, the elderly and those with allergies or respiratory diseases such as asthma or weakened immune systems.

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Make sure you hire the right ROOFING CONTRACTOR that installs proper ventilation

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