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August 25th, 2012

Why should you choose Ialongo Roofing and Siding Contractor. We don’t cut corners!!! Ialongo Roofing – Siding company understands the enconmy is slow and times are hard. Settling for the lowest price and unlicensed contractors will cost you more. Check this story from news channel 12  unfit contractor right here rhode island. They used other people licenses and took peoples money.  Don’t become another victom. choose Ialongo Building Company.

Why Ialongo SidingRoofing Company Located in Cranston Rhode Island

  • licensed RI contractor
  • Affiliated With Better Business bureau
  • Our business is incorparated
  • carry all the proper insurances
  • postive feed back from satisfied customers

The are just a few important reasons to go with Ialongo roofing and siding company.  If a cranston roofing contractor is what you need. Then call us for a free estimate.

Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractor in RI

 List Of Services:

Roofing repairs for:

  • chimney lead flashing
  • plumbing boot cover
  • missing shingles
  • tree damage
  • step flashing
  • roof leaks
  • ridge vents

Full service roof replacement:

  • strip roof shingles
  • replace roof sheathing
  • roof truss repair

Call your Cranston Roofing Contractor now 401-447-4264



Replacement Window Contractor RI 401-447-4264

July 7th, 2012

Call Ialongo 401-447-4264.  For a free estimate on a replacement window estimate.

Replacement Window Company

 Ialongo Building Company can replace your old windows and doors.  We carry quaility windows and doors at affordable rates. Upgrade your home and save on energy costs and recieve a tax credit.  Not only will you save money but you will be free from windows that don’t stay open, close and seal correctly, or have to constantly paint.  A vinyl window with build grids will give a look that will last for years.   

Why Choose Ialongo Building Company

We are best window replacement contractor in Rhode Island.  No one will have more windows to choose from, then us.  Plus with are expertise in Siding, roofing, wood framing and finish carpentry you will be sure the job gets done right.  Many RI window companies can not compete with us. Deal directly with the owner and avoid big chain companies.  They hire subcontractors that come and go.  You will never know what kind of contractor that will be working on your house.  When you you choose Ialongo a RI Window Replacement Company, you are dealing with the best.

Replacement Windows Contractor

Replacement Window RI

 Ialongo Building Provides additional services in Roofing, Siding, Decks, additons, windows and door replacement.  We are a full service general contractor.

Area served: All Of RI: southern Massachusetts, Cranston RI, Providence RI, Barrington RI, Bristol RI, Pawtucket RI, Cumberland RI, Valley Falls RI, North Providence RI, Lincoln RI, Warwick RI, West Warwick RI, Woonsocket RI, Central Falls RI, East Providence RI, Johnston RI, North Kingston RI, South Kingston RI, Newport RI, Jamestown RI, Middletown RI, roofers Coventry RI, Hope RI, Greene RI, East Greenwich RI, West Greenwich RI, Riverside RI, Portsmith RI, Southern Massauchetts, Boston MA, Bellingham Ma, Blackstone Ma, Attleboro Ma, Canton Ma

Licenses / Credentials:

• RI Licensed Contractor
• Insured and licensed general contractor

Vinyl Siding Contractors RI

June 17th, 2012

Vinyl Siding Contractor RI

Finding a RI Vinyl Siding Contractor can be hard.  Most of the chain companies send a salesman to pitch the product and know nothing about the installation process.  Now your left with a subcontractor that they hired because they are cheapest contractor that they could find.  Meanwhile they sold you on how you shouldn’t go for they cheapest contractor.   This can be frustrating after you realized what just happened.  Don’t fall victim to fast talking and pushy salesman.   Ialongo Siding Company is a no pressure contractor.  You will be informed about lastest vinyl siding products, how the vinyl siding is installed, and how deadlines are met. Call Ialongo Siding Company now 401-447-4264 a Rhode Island and massachusetts  Vinyl Siding Contractor

Vinyl Siding can be installed over your exiting wood siding.  Backerboard is applied first to provide a smooth surface for the vinyl siding panels to be fasted.  For the best look for adding vinyl siding to your home is to strip the siding off and then apply the vinyl siding on your home or business.   Stripping the old wood siding off gives a cleaner look around windows and doors.  When adding backerboard and vinyl siding over the existing siding, it makes the windows and doors sunken in. The window casing and door trim can always be redone. As for the window glass will always remain in the same postion giving the windows a deeper look.  Ialongo is the a Rhode Island Siding Contractor that beats the competition hands down. 

Ialongo Siding Company

Ialongo Vinyl Siding Company

Ialongo siding company Provides siding Services  in New vinyl siding installation. vinyl soffits. fascia board repairs. vinyl cedar impressions. wood siding installation replacements windows, metal trim for windows, metal trim for fascia boards, metal trim for rake boards, much more…

Ialongo Roofing – Siding Company

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