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How to fix a roof leak

August 4th, 2012

Leaky roofs and how to fix them

I have prepared a video that will help fix a dormer’s step flashing on a roof. This is a new construction home that i have built. I will show the proper method of rolling the the ice and water shield up six inches on the dormer and folding down the vapor barrier.  This will create a water tight roof. I have used this method for years and never had any leaks. 


Ice and water Shield

  1. measure and precut the roll add 6 for dormer
  2. place ice and water shield in postion
  3. peel bottom layer first and then top layer
  4. fold down vapor barrier for water tight seal.

I also shingle and step flash the dormer. Don’t over bend the step flash or it will sit to high and allow water to get under the shingle. Bring the the step flashing down to where the next shingle will be nailed and put two nails holding it in place.  Be sure not to nail down on the step flashing where the shingles go.  This create a leak in the near future.  I have see many applications where they are nailed down becuase of over bending the step flashing.  If you follow this procedure all the way up, you will be weather tight.  Please like my page and i will provide you with more info on roofing repairs and siding repairs.  Go to www.ialongobuildingcompany.com for the best roofing and siding contractor. feel to leave comment or ask question about other roofing repairs.


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Ialongo Roofing – Siding Company

Rhode Island Roofing Contractor – Siding Contractor