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April 14th, 2012

Time for a new roof?

 How do you know when you should have your roof repaired or a full roof replacement.  They are a couple of key things a roofing contractor will inspect.  First a roofing contractor will look for signs of water damage.  Most of the time a homeowner will be well aware of any roof leaks.  There have been many cases that small roof leaks go undetected for years.  The plywood or roof sheathing can soak up most of the water.  It is always good to take a look into the attic and see if their are mold or dark circles under the roof sheathing.  If the answer is yes, you are going to need roof sheathing replacement. 

Biggest Roofing mistakes:

  1. never shingle over a deteriorated plywood.
  2.  always add a rigde vent and soffit vents.
  3.  go with a roofing contractor that has referrals.
  4. don’t go with the cheapest price. (unless they have legitment referrals and proven track record)

 Why are these the biggest Roofing mistakes

       Shingling over deteriorating sheathing will cause buckling and big waves in the roof.  This is a look no homeowner wants.  This causes the shingles to break their seal and water starts to leak in again.  I have been too many jobs when a homeowner says they have just put on a second roof layer a year ago and it is starting to leak again.  I know putting on a second layer is a alot cheaper than a strip and reshingle job, but it can only be done if the sheathing does not need to be replaced.  do a twelve point inspection on your roof.  click the link Roof repairs

Proper Roof Venting

Simply adds more years to your roof.  Without it, a thirthy 30 shingle can deteriorate in as little as 15 years.  So make sure you go with a roofing contractor that does not cut corners on your roof!

Roofing Referals

Don’t rush a decision on such a big expense.  You don’t want to feel pressured about finding the right roofing contractor.  Make sure you don’t let your roof get to bad. Or you will have to make a quick decision because your roof is leaking.  Contact the best Rhode Island and Mass Roofing Contractor 401-447-4264  Ialongo roofing and Siding



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