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Roof Snow Removal

December 14th, 2016

Roof Snow Removal

What is happing?

  • Water is coming through your ceiling and panic is setting in.  You have a pile of snow on our roof and ice is pushing down your gutter.  This is what an ice dam starts to do. Its wreaks havoc through your roof, gutters, fascia board, soffit, to the insulation, and then through ceiling. Water starts coming out of your light fixtures. Knowing water and electricity does not mix, you shut down the power to that fixture. First You should call an Roof Snow Removal Contractor to remove the snow and ice from the roof.

Calling your homeowners Insurance

  • would be the second place to start. But for most homeowner they call them first because they don’t know what to do. Insurance adjusters will tell you to protect your house from further roof damage.  when the damage has gone this far you know your over  your homeowner deductible.

Snow removal cost

  • could range from hundred to thousands of dollars. For the average home owner expect up 600 dollars. For big commercial property expect to pay in the thousands. Flat roofs can hold a lot of snow and can be very dangerous for potential cave ins.


  • Important information to know when it comes to hiring a roof snow removal company.  You want to be licensed and insured.  If use you hire a company that is not insured and someone falls off the roof, you could be liable. How about causing more damage to shingles, gutters, flat roofs. Hire P. Ialongo Building Company licensed, insured and knows all about roof safety. call Ialongo building Company 401-447-4264

Ice Dam Prevention

  • Its starts in the fall. Making sure that your gutters are clean and flowing water is coming out of your downspouts. If not get your gutters cleaned would be recommended. look for roofing deterioration.   Check out the my 12 point roof inspection.  If you see any of these example of roofing deterioration, call a roofing contractor.
  • Proper roof Installation can help with ice dams. Soffit need to be vented and a ridge vent needs to be installed. It helps with condensation. For more about roof condensation check out my page.
  • Don’t wait for the snow to start piling up on the edge of your roof. well you might be thinking that you don’t want to pay a contractor to remove the snow. I highly recommend hiring a roofing contractor but if you have a low roof try a roof rake. Roof rakes are made for the removal of snow. They can work if used properly.

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